Our Mission

To deliver ‘on-going’ savings to our clients through maximising the operational efficiency in buildings. We achieve this with minimal capital expenditure and no impact on end user comfort levels. Our proposition provides continuous monitoring and recommendations utilising technology and our team’s expertise to deliver energy and carbon savings, improved occupant comfort, increased asset life and reduced maintenance costs.

Case Studies

Walsall Housing Group

After just 6 months the savings are currently on track to save 19% of the total energy spend compared to the previous year.


19% kWh reduction in Electricity consumption

42% kWh reduction in HVAC

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Radisson Blu Hotel

The Radisson Hotel at East Midlands Airport is a 218 bedroom hotel featuring extensive conference facilities, swimming pool and leisure facilities.


41% reduction in Gas consumption

17% reduction in Electricity consumption

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Financial HQ Building

Optimised Buildings were asked to assess the facility to determine if further energy savings could be achieved through their optimisation proposition.


< 6 months ROI

25% Reduction in electricity

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Optimised Buildings provides market-leading expertise through products and services that deliver real quantifiable value to business customers. We supply customers of all sizes from major energy users, small commercial premises, high street retail stores and public sector organisations.

Optimised Buildings deliver solutions and services to support improved performance in our clients’ operations and facilities. We connect people, processes and assets to optimise building performance, enhance work environments and continuously monitor to ensure best operational results. We consider our technologies, processes and services as the tools we use to deliver a solution that support our customers’ business goals.


The powerful aM&T (automated Monitoring and Targeting) platform ‘Optimised aM&T’ provides visibility of energy data that is suited to many stakeholders involved in monitoring or managing energy within a business.

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Optimised Analytics identifies issues with your buildings. The cloud-based software tools identify these issues, not just as a one off exercise – but on a continuous basis, ensuring your buildings are being optimised 24/7.

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Our Demand Side Management (DSM) solution minimises electricity supply pass through charges such as TNUoS also more commonly known as Triad charges, DUoS and Red Zone charges.

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Did you know that 40% of most commercial buildings energy consumption is on HVAC? Did you also know that 25% of this is wasted energy! What if we could save part or all of this wasted energy, with a provision of 'you only pay for what we save' - welcome to Optimised Energy.

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Optimised BeMS is a solution that has been realised as a result a partnership with Schneider Electric. The solution enables building controls to be applied to applications where until now, the cost has been prohibitive.

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The Optimised Bureau combines a number of advanced cloud-based technology platforms with the expertise of our Energy Analysts and Engineers. Providing continuous and improved building performance.

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Some of our customers that have been 'optimised'

Some of our Facilities / Property Partners

Optimised Buildings provides market-leading expertise through products and services that deliver real value to business customers with minimal capital expenditure and a typical ROI in less than 12 months.