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The cloud-based software tools identifies issues and patterns, not just as a one off exercise - but on a continuous basis, ensuring your buildings are being optimised 24/7.



The opportunity to improve the efficiency and building performance of HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and their respective control systems exists in most buildings today. On average 40% of commercial buildings energy spend is consumed by HVAC. Of this, around 20-25% could be saved through no cost / low cost measures if they can be identified. This equates to between 8-10% of the total energy spend.

Many of the challenges are typically attributed to BeMS (Building energy Management Systems) operating poorly. As buildings are continuously changing it is understandable that it is difficult to stay on top of every control strategy, setpoint, time schedule and ensure that the plant it is controlling, is also performing as intended.

On average 40% of commercial buildings energy spend is consumed by HVAC.
Of this, around 25% could be saved through no cost / low cost measures if they can be identified.


Optimised Analytics helps achieve these goals and objectives. The cloud-based software tools identify these issues, not just as a one off exercise – but on a continuous basis, ensuring your buildings are being optimised 24/7.

Optimised Buildings combine technology and expertise to address this need and reduce energy expenditure while maintaining occupant comfort and optimal environmental efficiency. By combining independent consultancy experience with powerful analysis technologies, Optimised Buildings is able to significantly reduce its clients’ energy consumption and carbon emissions with proven compelling return on investment through a managed service.

Key Benefits

Real-time data and historical trending from sensors, control systems and utility meters

Quickly identify equipment and operational issues that impact energy consumption and/or asset life

Prioritise maintenance activities by energy, cost and comfort impacts

Compatible with most BeMS systems in the market today

Minimal capital investment and non-intrusive to implement

Optimised Analytics Lite enables quick wins on large estates in managing time schedules and setpoints

The Solution

Most energy is consumed not by inefficient assets, but more through poor operating procedures, standards and the inability to identify when things are outside of normal practice. Optimised Analytics provides portfolio level overview of time schedules, setpoints and runtime of plant and assets. The cloud-based platform connects to your BeMS and monitors performance of your systems, identifies opportunities for energy savings and makes recommendations accordingly. This typically identifies around 60% of inefficiencies across most building portfolios.

The solution is delivered as a managed service and provides weekly/monthly reports to show original settings, variance and where possible impact. Our team of Energy Analysts make recommendations from this data to improve the efficiency of your building(s) delivering impressive savings, quickly.

Engineering teams responsible for BeMS today are not equipped with the right tools to ensure facilities are running efficiently and the larger the building portfolio, the bigger the problem. This is the problem that Optimised Analytics helps solve. It identifies issues, inefficiencies and poor operating strategies by providing a ‘trend’ of events over a period of time. This typically identifies around 90% of inefficiencies across most building portfolios.

The powerful FDD (Fault Diagnosis and Detection) engine is continually looking for inefficiencies and ways to improve the performance of facilities, reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and increasing the life of the assets. Through the BeMS connectivity access to potentially thousands of data points enable us to have complete visibility of how a building is performing. The intelligent FDD algorithms monitor data 24/7 to identify ‘events’ (not alarms), if a heating and cooling valve is open simultaneously on AHU3 for 30 minutes a day it might be costing you, but its not business critical. Optimised Analytics has a library of FDD’s and new ones can be created and tailored to your facilities.

About Optimised Buildings

We appreciate the challenges and pressures facilities, estates and engineering teams are under today in delivering a low cost operational building to the business. Which is why we deliver Optimised Analytics as a managed service through the Optimised Bureau.


For a single annual fee we manage the technology, licences, maintenance and data analysis. Our team of Energy Analysts and engineers review your site data and feedback to you in a format that enables action to be taken, ensuring bottom line business results are achieved. Everything that is available to our Energy Analysts is also available to service providers and end-users.

We’re running your buildings more efficiently.

Now let’s save you more through your procurement strategy.

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